Besides writing and Illustrating Thicker Than Blood, I also make two webcomics, Millenium Man and Lug & Skof. See the galleries below for all the completed comics and descriptions of the characters. I’ll post new comics from time to time, but my focus is on TTB.

Millenium Man webcomic

© 2016, Billy Wittenberg. All rights reserved

Millenium Man is a bumbling, dim-witted superhero. He works in a call center (badly) by day and thwarts crime by night (also badly).

Lug & Skof webcomic

© 2016, Billy Wittenberg. All rights reserved

Lug & Skof are two homeless dogs who became friends while living on the streets. Follow them as they look for a home, or at least some hot pizza

Assorted other cartoons

© 2016, Billy Wittenberg. All rights reserved

Occasionally I’ll make other cartoons or graphic art. I’ll post those here.

If you like my artwork and want to make a financial contribution as little as $1, please visit my Patreon page by clicking the Patreon logo. I offer rewards for all my patrons!

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