The Boss


August, 2017

Carlos was able to pay off his debt to the boss on the previous page. Unfortunately for Carlos, that debt was paid via power drill to the head.

Tensions Mount

Meanwhile, Victor takes the time to tell his two captains, Vick and Fernando, his plans for the organization. But it seems like there might be some tension between the two. Go to the graphic novel web page in order to see the full page. Or you can click this link to be taken to the full page directly.

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I’m going to take a break from making new pages for awhile, maybe a month. Once a year I try to take some time off, not to rest, but to study and improve my artwork. Among other things, I’ll be studying methods for improving the quality of my backgrounds. I’m also going to redesign the front page of my website and create a dedicated page for a Spanish language version of the book. That means going back and translating all of my previous pages. I may also make a few webcomics (Millenium Man is calling me). But I’ll stay in touch, posting new artwork to my facebook page ( Follow me there to keep up with my work. But I shall return! Probably by early October. Thank you so much for visiting and reading my graphic novel. And please let your friends know about my work by clicking on the share buttons located on this page. – Billy

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