Thicker Than Blood

An Online Graphic Novel

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Chapter 3: The Boss

The chapter begins on a clear, moonlit night outside of Monterrey, Mexico. A large compound in the mountains is guarded by several heavily armed men. The guards see a truck slowly approaching the front gate. Who is the long-haired, muscular man behind the wheel?…

Chapter 2: Fernando

We fast forward to present day Cancun, Mexico. We meet two men who are busy consummating a drug purchase. The buyer isn’t very happy with the purchase, but the seller may be the one with much more to lose in the long run…

Chapter 1: The Picnic

On a warm spring night in Nuevo Laredo, in the northern Mexico state of Tamaulipas, a young lady waits excitedly for a visitor. Her name is Maria, and she is a seventeen-year-old orphan who still lives in an orphanage. She is excited because the visitor is her 21-year-old boyfriend, Victor. He is tall, handsome, has a job, and drives a new Mustang. She believes this is going to be an unforgettable night…

The cast for the online graphic novel, Thicker Than Blood
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