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The Boss

The Boss 14 August, 2017 Carlos was able to pay off his debt to the boss on the previous page. Unfortunately for Carlos, that debt was paid via power drill to the head. Tensions Mount Meanwhile, Victor takes the time to tell his two captains, Vick and Fernando, his...

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Reversal of Fortune

Reversal of Fortune 31 July, 2017 Victor picked Miguel in the previous page. Now Miguel watches in terrified apprehension as Fernando approaches, carrying a large cordless drill with malicious intent. Reversal of Fortune Meanwhile the gloating Carlos urges on...

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Getting to the Point

Getting to the Point 16 July, 2017 Carlos and Miguel have told Victor Mata their apologies. But he isn't the kind of guy to just hug it out and move on from being robbed by his employees. The Point Victor and Fernando decide one of these guys will have to pay the...

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Employee Review Meeting

Chapter 3 - Page 6, "Employee Review Meeting" 26 June, 2017 We left off on the last page with Fernando leading Victor Sr and Vick into a locker room shower, where the other guests waited. Employee Review Meeting Miguel and Carlos, the ne'er-do-well Tampico employees...

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Unexpected Visitors

Chapter 3 - Page 5, "Unexpected Visitors" 11 June, 2017 Vick discovers that some unexpected visitors have already arrived at his parents home. Fernando Returns Fernando has come to the Mata's compund to discuss with Victor the problems he discovered in Tampico. Victor...

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